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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I want your feedback, what are your anxieties, fears or depressions and so on? What are some things you do to ease these unsettling feelings?


  1. this is a hard question to answer, as it varies day to day. some days I am not depressed at all. some days I wish I didn't wake up. Not moving forward in life is the biggest anxiety and depression cause in my life...feeling I have accomplished nothing in life...but I am working on it and will become something to make my family proud.

  2. Yes, this definitely is a hard question. My anxieties are my old high school. I think so many hard things happened there I associate it with negative emotions and it comes out as panic attacks. I usually try to avoid going there.
    Depressions? Well, I guess when I am depressed any criticism or comment about me sets me off. But when i get really crazy, I have a ton of energy and I act like i'm high.
    I think I'm bipolar. =)

  3. Staci, I know what you mean about not moving forward. If you set little goals day by day you will get to accomplish your big goals. I believe in you :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. xyearsleft, thanks for sharing such a tough question with me. If there is ever anything you want to rant and rave about you can e-mail me at
    I get into manic-like states too when I receive bad criticism or something like it. Keep in touch.
    Much <3

  5. Hi, relating a lot to what is shared above. Things that don't get done on my to-do list get me in a state of anxiety, that leads to guilt, then panic, when I become paralyzed in fear I'm left in depression at how useless I am. Then when I'm depressed if anyone even looks at me strangely it sets off more anxiety. It all piles up.
    Working hard on all of it at the minute and think I am in a much better place.
    Hope you are all doing better too. Hopefully the summer sunshine will do a world of good too, and that we can banish the anxiety long enough to appreciate it!

  6. I think it is never feeling as though I've achieved enough, it is like I am expected to do well but I want to prove that I am better than expectations. It is obviously very pressurising, and sometimes just not at all realistic yet I just find if I don't do so well in one thing, the anxiety becomes even more intrusive on everything else.

    It's just really hard. But who ever said life was easy!

    Basically, it is not feeling good enough. Rationally I know I shouldn't have to be, and can't be perfect, but my depressive/anxious motives seem to completely take over.