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Monday, June 7, 2010

Create yourself

Create who YOU want to be:

Make a list of what you want to be and what
you do not want to be.

If you want some inspiration, check out

Keri Smith is all about becoming the person
you want to be, she has tons of journals
and books and free online documents
that are a huge inspiration.

Also has an article on "100 Ways to Start Loving Yourself RIGHT Now"
Check it out:

Read it, post it on your wall! Anything that helps you become the person you want to be.
I just came to this realization that we are not stuck being that anxious girl/boy who is too
afraid to do certain things, worries all the time and so on and so forth. If we put in dedication
we CAN create a new self. A person that we have always wanted to become but were too
afraid of becoming.

I just started a list of my own with two columns; 1. Want to be 2. Don't want to be

Let it formulate on paper first.

I will share some of mine...

Jazz up my clothing
Care a lot less about what others "think" of me
Wear a signature "Jessica" piece
Create, create
Jump on a train and get off at the last stop
Get in my car and get lost

Don't want:
Boring clothing
holding myself back
I am who I am and I do not want to waste time thinking of what others think
Abolish fear

It all begins on paper...


  1. galadarling article is fantastic. Great pick me up when your feeling blue. Must put some of them into practice.
    We are beautiful, and capable and need to know it...
    I set about writing down first all the things I love about me, and was pleasantly surprised I could come up with more than one thing :) Then wrote down all the things I wanted to be able to add to it so I could get to work on it. I felt great when I read it back, and thought 'huh, maybe I am beautiful'. Try it if you haven't yet, be generous to yourself and your heart and soul will thank you!

  2. Wow, so great to hear!!
    I am glad you did that and I will be trying that soon as well. I love her article, it really makes me feel good.
    Keep up the good work darling.